Creative Restraint

Construction of lore

Our god Ninkilim decreed, "Let there be a rat."  And there was a rat, traveling along his own path, and to his own destination.  And She saw that it was good.

Seeing how easy that was, Ninkilim created another rat, then another, and another. Each new life wove  amongst the others in a beautiful tapestry of desire and consequence.  Each thread maintained his own will, and was bettered by the close interaction with others.  This pleased God, and She continued creating.

Now it should be known that, at the time of this story, Ninkilim was still rather young, and not as wise as today.  She had seen that every new rat increased the beauty of verminity.  It seemed only right that more rats would increase the beauty ever still.  God created so many rats that their paths began to collide, and their destinations became crowded, and the collisions and crowds bred conflict.

This so angered Ninkilim that She began to impose restrictions on rats' travels. Only does with pink eyes may travel at this time, and piebald bucks at that, and those without hair at another.  And She saw relief...statistically.

Most rats adjusted to the new regime, but many destinations were not open when piebald bucks wanted them, and there traveled too large a hairless mischief.  The restriction of freedom helped the whole, but hurt the individual.  God saw the plight of the few and imposed more complex rules, rules that authorized a board to review the paths and destinations of rats to determine what modifications would allow optimum conformity to the time-of-use restrictions.

Still, some rats could not be served.  Still, some lives could not be lived. Ninkilim's rage melted into sorrow. She wept for the death of accidental beauty, and Her tears collected into a great flood.  The sorrowful torrent engulfed the lives of many, in part and in whole.  All paths touched by tears were dissolved and washed away.

When Ninkilim rose from Her grief, Her sore eyes saw what they did not expect; luster had returned.  Again, rats' lives found completion without conflict.  Again, the close interaction of rats improved their lives.  Again, rats' paths did not collide.  Ninkilim's tears dried and, by degrees, Her joy returned.

The experience made Ninkilim wise to the dangers of over-creation.  Ever after, She took great care to consider the impact of new creations.  She knew that too much was possible...even for Her.