Mission Statement

I know I'm correct
Axiom to conclusion,
But, why post on-line?

Some umpteen years ago I asked myself "why am I right?". The question was originated by success in math classes contrasted against personal cognitive events, and it has stuck with me since. The answer isn't clear yet, but I'm further along then ever.

The conditions that make an expression true define a sort of shape for that idea. The shapes of two or more ideas can combine, logically, to produce new ideas that can be true. The problem is, why are some combinations true while other are not?

I've spent the majority of the past dozen and a half years chasing my own ideas about logic and reason. About three years ago it occurred to me that what I was doing might be formal logic, and I bought a book, Introduction to Mathematical Logic by Elliott Mendelson. The book introduced me to proper verbiage, and some new ideas, like axiomatic systems and first order theories. I can't say I'm a big fan of the syntactic approach of axiomatic systems, but I feel enriched to have learned about them.

Now for the existential crisis. Since formalizing my ideas about logic, I've stalled. With the easy notation out of the way, I need applications. Toiling alone in my garage is cool and all, but I need to interact with the wider world; I need problems; I need people. That's where Scrambled Goose Eggs comes in. This website serves two purposes. What I post here helps me remember what I have done, and it stands as a way of showing others what I have done. Maybe, with a little marketing, I can attract a friend or two.

Through multi-media posts and marketing of my interests I intend to develop a network of like minds to help me know the shape of ideas.