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Welcome to Math Notes, your one-stop shop for what I though was important about math concepts and textbooks. Like German children, I have left bread crumbs of wisdom to mark my path through an abstract forest. Birds and rodents may thwart my quick retreat to simpler days, but there will be a candy house at the end.

This section of Scrambled Goose Eggs is broken down by concept, course, or textbook. Each reviewed chapter or section includes a brief overview of what I learned, and a boring list of concepts and vocabulary that I'm likely to forget. I suffer from bibliophangophobia, so don't be alarmed to find incomplete chapters...I'll get to it.

Generalized Truth Functions

Logic is all about choices. An idea is true or false, a student is present or absent, a switch is on or off. All the truth tables and specialized language of propositional calculus is geared to exploring these choices and their consequences.

Truth Function Algebra

Algebra is all about keeping a predicate true while rearranging the variables that define its shape. Identities introduce new or repeats of existing variables, commutativity switches the location of variables, and associativity changes what functions variables are in.

Miscellaneous Theorems

A mind without choice is only truth, and only uncertain. As life presents choice, and we fain understanding, that uncertainty gives way to belief in what is possible, and what is not...

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

By Stephen W. Goode

ISBN: 0-13-263757-X

Math 329: Transformation Geometry

Euclidean Geometry and Transformations
By Clayton W. Dodge

ISBN 9780486434766

Introduction To Mathematical Logic

By Elliot Mendelson

ISBN: 978-1-4822-3772-6