Formal Logic

I'm not very good at believing anything on purpose, but several irrational assumptions have snuck in by accident. One such belief is that reason is the foundation of all mathematical exploration. Without a simple, universal mechanism, built into our being, there is no way we could expect to come to any sort of emotionless concensus.

The following pages explain the tools and notation I have adopted in search of that thought process. I generally resist the stricture of propositional calculus, and first order logic, but barrow heavily from their nomenclature. Some of the notation is mine, and I appologize for any confusion that may come from similarities to that of others. I am powerless to resist using this notation in my writing, and I thought it sporting to give the reader half a chance of knowing what I'm on about.


Table of Contents

Truth Function Notation

  1. Introduction
  2. The Holy Trinity
  3. Parses and Operators

Truth Function Algebra

  1. Introduction
  2. Bitwise Calculation of Operators


  1. Web Services
  2. Books