About SGE

Scrambled Goose Eggs is a creative collaboration between Nick and Janet Aydelott, exploring the joy and beauty of mathematics through art and play. With stories, songs, games, and crafts, these pages are here to help you discover the fun and creativity in math.

About the Comic

Midcity Park is teaming with life, and where there is life there is mathematics. The squirrels are counting, the rabbits are multiplying, the rats are calculating, the crows are reasoning, the frogs are composing, the geese are sculpting, and everywhere geometry and logic are in play.

About Nick & Janet

Nick is an operating engineer who moonlights as a recreational mathematician. When he isn’t doing maintenance at work or at home, he enjoys automotive design, distance running, and the industrial arts. Nick serves as SGE’s writer, programmer, manager, and chief logician.

Janet is a homemaker with degrees in fine art and pure mathematics. When she isn’t volunteering at the elementary school, she enjoys equine husbandry, classical guitar, and the visual arts. Janet serves as SGE’s illustrator, designer, editor, and activity instructor.